Boyfriend Style

We are seeing so many cool trends this summer such as bell sleeves, bottoms, laces, slip dresses and off the shoulder tops and dresses. Boyfriend style a.k.a ‘oversized’ pieces of clothing is still big on trend.

But what is really a ‘Boyfriend style’?

It’s a type of styling that involves wearing oversized clothing. Ideally, the name refers that – style to make it look like you are wearing your boyfriend’s shirt, jeans, shorts, blazers etc. We are seeing a lot of brands, designers creating more of this style for ladies and that actually fit the body and make it look super chic.

There are many ways to style and rock boyfriend style. And here are our some styling tips to rock it!

  1. Contrast: Contrast of clothing can create an edgy look. For example, combine slip dress with boyfriend jeans jacket. Or boyfriend jeans with cropped top. By creating this contrast, you still get to show the curve.
  2. Accessories: Don’t go too overboard, because the silhouette you are creating is already boxy, so try on keeping it to simple earrings, simple necklace.
  3. If you are actually wearing your boyfriend’s classic work shirt with collar, add a colourful belt/ or any types of belts to give a feminine touch to the look. If it’s long enough, it’s nice to wear it as a dress 🙂
  4. Use classic work shirt as a cardigan style. An example would be, style it with jeans or jeans short + camisole top/lace top + heels+ ‘boyfriend classic shirt’.


To shop the boyfriend style inspired looks:

Ripped Boyfriend Denim Jacket

-Ripped Denim Shorts

-Oversize thin stripe Blouse

-Off the shoulder men’s shirt

-Distressed Tee 


What are your favourite ways to rock ‘boyfriend style?

Have a beautiful day! xx

~Objects of Desire



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